Golden Apple: Luanne Baker

Golden Apple

Luanne Baker’s students are hard at work on another math lesson.
“We were doing addition today,” Baker says. “Learning how to use manipulatives, or their hands or other things to do addition.”
There’s a lot of energy in this room. Ms. Baker knows how to keep things moving.
“That really does help them learn. When they can actually do it and see it, then they know it. They’re so smart. They love to move around. 5-year-olds love to move around so I try to use that when I can.”
And these bright young minds change and grow so much during their kindergarten year.
“I see the joy and love for reading that they have. They come in and they may not know the letters of the alphabet. But by the end of the year, even by now, they’re reading.”
And even though they’re becoming more independent every day, mom and dad still play a key role.
“It starts at the home. Their parents are their number one teachers, I tell them. I talk to parents weekly. I have a positive relationship with my parents and they support me.”
Support that’s been strong for Luanne Baker for nearly 30 years.
“It’s more rigorous than we used to because to graduate from high school they have to know more than they used to 29-years ago. Some parents will say, you’re teaching 1st grade and I’ve thought that, but these children are ready for it.”
They are ready because of Ms. Baker’s hard work. Her constant committment to help her students.
“When I was in 3rd grade, I said I wanted to be a teacher,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I love the children. I love seeing the light bulb turn on when they learn how to read and they learn their letters and they learn to add and do math. It’s just such a great feeling and it’s all worth it.”

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