Golden Apple: Linda Alsept

Golden Apple

Talk about a teacher with a wide range of talents. Linda Alsept covers Chemistry, Physics, and Drama in her classroom. We caught up with her during a drama period. 
“I’ve always had a creative side,” Alsept says. “I like Math and Science better than English and words.  I have this creativity that just needs to come out.”
Mrs. Alsept’s daughter majored in drama. She would share her knowledge with mom and Linda lead the way to create the Drama program at Williston Elko High School. 

“It forces students to think on their feet. They have to problem-solve  instantly on the spur of the moment. It gives them a self-confidence that normally they don’t get in other situations.” 
And that can transform them over the course of their high school career. 
“I see students become more outgoing. They make more friends. They create relationships that they can carry into the next phase of their life.  They come back to me and they tell me things that they have done in their life after high school. And that’s very rewarding.”
And just a few years in here can lead to all kinds of career opporutnities. 
“I have students that have gone into sound design. They have gone into lighting design.  Some have gone into theatrical makeup. Some have gone into production. I have two students right now wanting to go into theatrical education.”
So many success stories pursuing so many dreams after they graduate. And they get a jump start on that success thanks to the spotlight that always shines in Linda Alsept’s classroom. 
“I love seeing the joy on their face when they have done a good job and they can feel it inside and they know they’ve done a good job,” she says. “And just seeing the joy on their faces and they’ve done something that not everyone can do.” 

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