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JOHNSTON, S.C. (WJBF) Laurie Prince wasn’t supposed to be here.
“I had intended to go to law school,” Prince says. “So I majored in English in college, which would have been a natural segue. I decided to add on education and do my student teaching along with my English degree. And from the moment I stepped into the classroom for the student teaching, I knew that’s where I belonged and I never looked back.”
32 years and counting.
“The opportunity to come into contact with these students on a daily basis means so much more than I believe I could have ever accomplished in a courtroom.”
Mrs. Prince says she gets to see her students become productive members of this and other communities.
“I currently have a number of students who hold doctorate degrees in different areas. I’m still in contact with those students. So the students have definitely surpassed their teacher.”
Mrs. Prince has a special fondness for middle schoolers. She knows they need and can really benefit from extra attention.
“You have to be understanding that this is a difficult time. And I myself had a pretty difficult time in middle school, fitting in. Grades were always good but I didn’t always feel like I belonged with other people. And so I’m very sensitive to that with them as well.”
“Simply acknowledging the fact that they’re going through something, sometimes helps tremendously for that day, and down the road.”
Great job Laurie Prince. There’s no doubt that countless parents over all these decades sure are glad you didn’t become a lawyer.
“I think middle schoolers are the greatest children on earth,” she says. “They are the absolute best. And I wouldn’t want to teach any other grade at any other time. They have so much to learn and they know that they have to much to learn. And it’s just a perfect situation to be able to share what you have educationally and otherwise.”

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