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Golden Apple

(WJBF) – Laurie Frazier’s interest in teaching started when she was a child. At first, she played school at home.

“Then I read a book called A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” Frazier says.

In the book, the main character Francie Nolan got out of poverty by wanting to go to school and valuing education.

“My home life was not always the best. I knew that I had something that I could do with my life and the enthusiasm that I had for reading and for literature. And I wanted to share that with young people and I wanted to be able to make some kind of difference in this world.”

She’s making a huge difference in the lives of her students. It’s an important year as they wrap up their careers at Schofield Middle and get ready for high school.

“8th grade is the last time that we get a chance to help those students be able to have the skills to stay afloat and not sink. Because they’ll be the little fish in a big pond when they get there.”

Mrs. Frazier taught in Aiken County for 27 years. Last year she moved to Columbia and taught there. She knew she had to come back.

“I realized how much my family and how much Aiken County Schools, and just being in a community where I feel supported meant to me. I’m happy to be back. I was a student here at Schofield Middle School. When I first moved here from New York I went to Schofield in 1975.”

A former student helping these current students reach great heights.

Congratulations Laurie Frazier. A teacher who will be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime of dedication to our children.

“I know that I’m making a difference,” she says. “I actually had a young lady last night send me a message on Facebook. It was something Ellen was doing for a young man, and she had his teacher come. And she said this is how I see you. Those are the types of things that just make me understand that what I’m doing makes a difference. And I know I was put on this earth to be a teacher.”

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