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Lauren Enlow shares stories with her students. That’s part of the job as their English teacher. The challenge is making those old books have meaning today.

“Throughout the entire British literature timeline, we make comparisons in what’s going on in our world to their world,” Enlow says. “History repeats itself and it’s obvious in literature.”
Ms. Enlow says Frankenstein is a good example. It’s theme of prejudice is timeless.

“And they love this one quote where they say that, because of this prejudice, people thought that Frankenstein’s monster wanted to hurt him, but it was his prejudice that’s all that they ever wished to overcome. And the way that they connect that to what’s going on in our society today is a beautiful thing to witness.”
Hard to believe that the school year is winding down. The pandemic has made it different, and in some ways, better.
“It’s made it more fun and engaging. Even though I like a big classroom that’s rowdy with 30 seniors in it, when there are less students in the room we’ve had a little more time to get to know each other make learning even more personalized.”
High School also provides a great vantage point for Ms. Enlow. If you read to your children when they’re little, she gets to witness the benefits.
“The payoff for reading early at a younger age, you can see it in their writing more than anything. When writing is submitted and it doesn’t look like a text message or social media post, you can usually tell that they started early and were subjected to more positive reading influences.”
Way to go Lauren Enlow, a teacher who gets to experience her own education every time she steps into the classroom at Strom Thurmond High School.
“I assure you that my students have taught me way more than I have ever taught them,” she says. “I get the life lessons and the relationships and the benefits and privilege to get to know these kids, and to learn from them.”

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