HARLEM, GA (WJBF) – Kimberly Wall is an expert at keeping today’s students interested in yesterday’s events.

“I love history,” Wall says. “I love teaching History like a storybook and bringing history alive for children to understand. It changes everything when you have an understanding of our past.”

She makes sure her Harlem High School students constantly have that understanding. She has a creative way of helpigng the lessons sink in.

“We love looking at different song lyrics and applying it to the history that’s in the song. They also like doing a lot of different projects with technology where we’re all in it together and they’re working together.”

It’s easy to see how passionate Ms. Wall is about her job, about these children.

“Because they matter. Sorry, I’m like, cut.”

Even though these high schoolers are only here for 4 years, she says they never really leave.

“Even when they’ve graduated, we still talk. They still come back.”

She says she wants her students to have one main thing in life after high school.

“When y’all graduate, what do I want from you?”
Class: “Good choices.”
“Choices. I want them to have choices. If they want to go to Tech. School, if they want to go to a 4-year school, just choices.”

Way to go Kimberly Wall. It is clear you made the right choice when you decided to teach.

“It’s the best job,” she says. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I tell people all the time, it sounds corny but, I can’t believe I get paid for what I do. Because they matter. Making them good human beings, that’s what matters. Being good people.”