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Kimberly Taylor teaches 2nd graders thanks to her 3rd grade teacher.
“She was such a teacher to look up to,” Taylor says. “I thought in my younger years, my teachers cared so much about reading. So that’s why I wanted to get into elementary.”
Mrs. Taylor teaches reading to the entire 2nd grade at Rollins Elementary.
“I have so many students in this classroom that have grown.  They’ve come in on kindergarten level and now we’re right here at 2nd grade. Just doing that small group intervention, it helps the students so much.”
She’s also in charge of the Growing Readers program.
“We work on students individually.  What are they having problems with? Reading with expression. Reading for understanding.  And it’s just more one on one. I have Ms. Dinkins, Ms. Drayton, and Ms. Clark. They come in and help me with those students.”
She has a great approach to reading that helps her students get the most out of the subject .
“I tell them, like when we’re reading with expression, pretend it’s your mom. If it’s a lady reading, sound like your mom. He has a sister here, and I always say, sound like your sister when you’re reading that part.  I want you to sound like a different person reading.”
And if we learned anything from our visit to her classroom, it’s this: Kimberly Taylor is passionate about her job, her children, and their future.
“There are some days, as a teacher, sometimes you just get frustrated and you didn’t reach all of your students every day and that bothers me,” she says.  “Because I know I’m a very structured, and sometimes very firm teacher. But my students, I want them to learn. I want them to grow. I don’t want them to get stuck and say, hey, I didn’t learn that in 2nd grade. And then go to 3rd grade and it gets harder and harder. I want them to know this and know it with confidence, and when they get to 3rd grade they’re ready.”

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