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Golden Apple: Kimberly Harris

Waynesboro, GA (WJBF) - Kimberly Harris does so much more than just teach   Economics.  She breaks down the concept so students understand its importance in their lives. 
"Everybody likes money. And they like learning about how to make more money. I try to bring that aspect into it, teach students how money circulates our economy and how it affects our lives. I make it personal."
You're talking about lifelong skills here.
"We learn how to make budgets, the importance of budgets, and what to include in them. We learn about the difference between saving and investing, and how both can lead to wealth in the future."
But it's not all books and tests. There's time to make sure each child is doing well on a personal level. 
"I remember when I first decided to become a teacher. I was in kindergarten. I always wanted to be a teacher. I shared that dream with a former teacher of mine. They told me to always walk into my classroom with the curriculum of Georgia, but also the curriculum of my heart.  When I see my students, i don't just see numbers in the classroom, I see people."
Congratulations Kimberly Harris a great teacher who makes sure to share the credit with those who helped her achieve such success. 
"My mother. Former teachers. I came from a wonderful village. My family really instilled those core values in me."

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