Golden Apple: Khrista Henry

Golden Apple

Khrista Henry teaches 4th and 5th grade gifted students at Norris Elementary School. 
“I think when God made me, he intended for me to be a teacher,” Henry says. “I think I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to do in life. I love kids. I love teaching.”
Today it’s all business in her classroom. Her  students are competing in the Georgia Stock Market Game. 
“We’ve learned about stocks. Next week we’ll do mutual funds and bonds. They’re currently buying their stocks. They have them. They’re watching them. This is our third week in. They’re very excited.”
Mrs. Henry goes beyond the standards and the required lessons. She teaches her kids to function in the real world.

“I just ask lots of questions. They ask lots of questions and I’ll meet them with a question: I don’t know, what do you think? I don’t give a lot of answers. I do a lot of putting it out there and just telling them to solve the problem. They’re great problem-solvers. And they’re a lot smarter and a lot more innovative than we often give them credit for.”
And she has an incredibly strong support system in and out of school. 
“I’m just a little bitty cog in  a great big machine. I’m just one little part. All of these people are what keep all of us going. It is a teamwork job. It’s something we can’t do without each other. Great administrators, great  community members, great family. My mom was a teacher, I think for 42-years. Before that, I had teachers who have just supported me. My sister’s a teacher. We’re just a family that keeps each other going.”
Khrista Henry.  Answering the call every day at Norris Elementary. 
“It is everything,” she says. “It’s as big as family. When you do what you’re supposed to be doing, it all comes together. It is very fulfilling. 

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