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LINCOLNTON, GA (WJBF) Keri Ball teaches self-contained students at Lincoln County High School and Middle School.
“I teach all grade levels just helping my students that have more severe disabilities, be able to learn some life skills along with academics, so that they can move on from us and be successful and productive,” Ball says.
The spark for special education started at a very early age.
“When I was little we had a family friend. They had a little girl who had severe disabilities. And I never saw her disability. I just saw her.”
Mrs. Ball makes sure her kids grow as students and as citizens. They run a coffee shop that serves the whole school.
“We do it every Friday. We like to do a free coffee for all of our teachers and staff at least once a month just to say thank you for coming during this difficult time and just being here for our kids.
And like true entrepreneurs, any profits they make go right back into the business.

“I show the students how we do that. We tally up our totals. We show the profit. I teach them calculations through that. Just so many different standards that come and are intertwined with the life skills that they’re learning.”
Mrs. Ball says at the end of the day she wants her students to have relationships and be able to relate to others. Skills that will serve them well in the real world.
“I feel like this is what I’ve been called to do,” she says. “This is my heart. I just love these kids. I hope that when they leave me they remember how much that they were loved.”

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