Golden Apple: Kenesha Reddick

Golden Apple

Lots of letters in the lesson plan when we stopped by Kenesha Reddick’s Math class. It was all about GCF and LCM.

“Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple,” Reddick says. “Eventually we will work into word problems, but before we did that, I wanted to make sure they understood what the word problem was asking them before they work with the numbers of the word problem.”

Mrs. Reddick’s classroom is a place to tackle problems as a team.
“You cannot effecitively learn in solitude. So, allowing them to communicate and work together. Letting each other know it’s okay to make mistakes because we’re all in this together, that’s what gets them engaged.”
As you can see, Mrs. Reddick has to teach a large group of students. But somehow she’s still able to reach individuals to make sure they succeed.
“You have to be able to really see who needs the most help and kind of separate who needs help and who can wait. With us working in groups, I can hear the group conversations and see if they’re on the right track. They may not need me. But if the whole group is silent, or the whole group isn’t working, then they need a little more of my assistance.”
The person who nominated Mrs. Reddick used the word “light” several times to describe her. It’s easy to see why.
“Every morning before I make my way out of my car I say a prayer and the prayer is always let my light shine. And I think I always say that around the building and to my students.”
Kenesha Reddick isn’t just teaching. She’s making in investment in her school, her community, and herself.
“I just know that I am molding the young minds of our future,” she says. “To break it down in the easiest terms, they’re going to have to take of me, so it’s my job to take care of them while I have them.”

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