Golden Apple: Kathleen Conyers

Golden Apple

Kathleen Conyers could have beein on the other side of the mic during this interview. But way back when, her priest steered her in a different direction.
“I was a radio announcer, news announcer,” Conyers says. “And there was an opening at the religious school and he said, you know I think you’d be really good at that.”
She’s very good at it.
“I realized that I love the subject and I want to share the love of English with other people.”
That means getting today’s kids to fall in love with literature written long ago.
“Shakespeare’s themes, his thematic ideas are timeless. Even though the language might be diffcult, what he’s saying is not. These young people are experiencing the same things that he’s writing about today. And that’s why they can connect. I can help them with the language. I don’t need to help them with the thematic ideas because they live it. They see it. They breathe it everyday.”
Ms. Conyers knows that the seeds planted in this room could lead to legendary careers when they leave Midland Valley High School.
“They may be the next Shakespeare. They could be the next writer. I just want them to enjoy writing, enjoy their language, and explore the language. Who knows who could be sitting in my classroom today?”

Congratulations Kathleen Conyers. A broadcaster who became a teacher who became an incredible inspiration to her students.
“Most teachers, when you’ve been around as long as I have, you’ve taught the same material year after year after year. The most amazing thing about teachers is that every year that I teach this material I learn something new from my students. They come with a new perspective and they make me reconsider what
What I thought I knew about Shakespeare, what I thought I knew about Chaucer. They always bring something new so I’m learning while they’re learning,” she says. “And that is the most rewarding thing about teaching.”

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