EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – Math can be a challenging subject. But somehow Jennifer Taylor makes it a bit easier to understand. She knows each child learns differently.

“I always want to build their confidence,” Taylor says “So, them understanding is half the battle. Because if they don’t, they’re just going to give up.”

Ms. Taylor isn’t afraid to get creative if it helps her lessons stick.

“Sometimes I sing songs. I have little things to help them remember, even if they’re corny. But it’s just finding a way to keep their attention and make this a little bit more entertaining for them.”

Ms. Taylor works hard to have a real connection with each student.

“I just like to get to know them on a personal level, and what makes them happy beyond math. Because not everyone enjoys math. I like to get to know them as an individual and just make them feel valued and appreciated while they’re here.”

And even when they graduate and move on from Greenbrier, Jennifer Taylor keeps reaping the rewards of being a teacher.

“Seeing them be successful,” she says. “Coming back and telling me stories about their lives. Seeing them outside of GHS, and seeing them excel in the future in whatever they decide to embark on. I’m just like a proud school mom.”