Golden Apple: Jennifer Shoenholz

Golden Apple

EVANS, GA (WJBF) Jennifer Shoenholz works in the Early Intervention Program at Lewiston Elementary School.

“It’s kind of a stopping place for kids who just need a little extra help to get back on track to be ready to learn in the regular classroom,” Shoenholz says.

For the most part, that means making sure they can read on grade level.

“I get them, and a lot of times they can’t read at all. And then they start to read. And I actually that said to me, why is it getting so hard? And I say because you’re getting smarter.”

Mrs. Shoenholz has a challenging job. But it comes with rich rewards, and all the tools she needs to help the students.

“Columbia County’s great about giving us the programs we need to get those skills right there for them. And the kids want to do it, they buy in. And the parents buy in. And the teachers back in the classroom help out too.”

And it sure does help to have such a strong support system at home.

“I couldn’t do it without them. My mom was always in the classroom when I was growing up. She substituted. Before that she was always the parent volunteer. And my husband is very supportive and my kids are also.”

Thanks Jennifer Shoenholz for being that stopping place at Lewiston. A place that can make all the difference in the path a child takes long after they leave here.

“It means everything,” she says. It means everything to see that light bulb go on. to know that they can do it and they can be successful. And to know that they can be productive citizens. That’s ultimately what we’re looking for.”

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