Golden Apple: JaVonne Jones

Golden Apple

Welcome to JaVonne Jones’ class at Deer Chase Elementary School. She calls it MusArt.
“We try to find art standards that correlate with the music standards and teach the students that,” she says. “Because they never really have had any formal art teaching.”
Music and art coming together. A fusion that’s fun and informative.
“We did lines, horizontal and vertical. I told them about lines in music, like melody. Music moves up and down, things like that. So they can see that there are lines in art, literally, and there are also lines in music.”
These lessons also help the students succeed in other courses.
“They go to their math class and they’ll do geometry and they’re doing angles and triangles, different types of angles. And we talk about the lines that we use in here to be able to do that.”
Ms. Jones is giving back to the community that made her the expert musician and teacher she is today.
“I am a product of the Richmond County School System. I went to C.T. Walker and I went to Davidson, 5th through 12th grade. When I was in 4th grade I started in the orchestra and I just kept going and played throughout high school and college.”
And when she’s not in the classroom, you can find Ms. Jones playing her electric violin at functions throughout the area. She lifts people up whereever she goes. A gift that started when she was a child, when she heard a girl play the violin at church.

“It’s amazing how a person can have that much impact on a person and they don’t even know that they did that for me,” she says. “And I said I want to be that person for other boys and girls.”

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