Golden Apple: Janel O’Dell

Golden Apple

Janel O’Dell credits her twin sister with getting her interested in this career.
“We would like to play school,” O’Dell says. “We didn’t have technology back in those days. We would get some of our papers and books from school. One of us would pretend to be the teacher. One of us would pretend to be the student.”
That play time has turned into a great job for Ms. O’Dell. When we stopped by her students were busy teaching each other. 
“They were learning about making inferences. Using information that they already know to help them learn about new things that they may not have a background about. They were giving clues to the classroom to get them to guess what the item was inside of the bag.”
A great way to learn and a great way to build confidence.
“Many of the students come in and they may have some type of shyness, afraid to talk to me and other students. I see them kind of grow to where they feel more comfortable talking with others, speaking with me, and making presentions in front of the classroom.”
Ms. O’Dell also depends on her DOJO App to stay connected to parents. 
“They can keep an eye on what their children are doing in the classroom. The teacher can upload pictures, videos, send out reminders and messages.”

And when it comes to rewards, Janel O’Dell sees them every day. Her kids are thriving,  as she guides them on the road to a bright future. 
“I love to work with children,” she says. “I like to watch them grow. I like them to see all the new things that they can learn and all the possibilities they can have in their life when they grow up.” 

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