Golden Apple: Erin Rosenthal

Golden Apple

“I want to give them the best educational career I can possibly give them.”

Erin Rosenthal. A name that will be forever etched in her students’ minds. For many, she is their very first teacher.
“I like to start at the very beginning,” Rosenthal says. “I want to give them the best educational career I can possibly give them. I want them to be excited about school. I want them to feel safe about learning. And I just want to give them a fun experience.”
Her kindergartners get an outstanding experience at Evans Elementary School. That’s a credit to Mrs. Rosenthal and the entire team here.
“I have an amazing principal. Our administrators let us use our passion and throw it into the mix with everything we’re required to teach. So as long as it’s fun, they’re learning, they’re meeting all standards, we just go with the flow.”

When she’s not in the classroom, Mrs. Rosenthal is shaping future leaders through student council.”
“It’s just important to me that these students be role models, especially 4th and 5th graders be role models for these kindergartners, these little ones so that they see what’s going on, they’ll want to do well for their friends, their community, their school communities, their families. I just want them to continue that tradition.”
Erin Rosenthal is closing in on 2 decades in the classroom. An accomplishment made possible by her supportive family and her students who keep her going.
“I’m not going to lie, I get very tired,” she says. “But it’s funny when you walk in the door, it’s like a switch goes off. And you just jump into it and you keep going. You forget any aches and pains and tiredness. It just sort of rolls away . We just have fun. I love it

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