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Emily Graham teaches kindergarten. One year that means so much for all the years to come.
“I teach it because it gives our children such opportunities,” Graham says. “It helps build their self esteem. It helps give them opportunities for the rest of their lives. What we do here is really the basis for what they do when they get to the other grades.”
And yes, they socially distance here at Waynesboro Primary School. But Ms. Graham does everything she can to make it still feel like kindergarten.

“We dance. We sing. We jump around. We do hands on activities. We do anything and everythign to help them learn new things.”
She’s here because she’s always been inspired by other teachers.
“I loved my kindergarten teachers when I grew up. I was definitely a handful growing up. But I loved my teachers that I had. There are so many teachers here that have made me become a better teacher. I want to do things like them, but in my own way.”
Way to go Emily Graham. A great kindergarten teacher from an incredible team at Waynesboro primary. A team that leans on one another everyday.
“It means everything,” she says. “If you don’t have support, you’re not going to love your job as much as you would. It’s all about the support.”

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