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Golden Apple

Emily Daniels has been teaching for 28 years. She knew it was the right career choice right away.
“It’s a passion,” Daniels says. “Either you were meant for this job or you’re not. It does not take you 28-years to discover that this is not the job for you. It may take you 28 days but not 28 years. And I just love it.”
The connection between teacher and student in this classroom is so strong.

“It’s not so much academic, but personal learning as well. What do they get from me? What do I get from them? We learn from each other. It’s a calling. It’s a passion.”
A passion that’s led her to learn new things over the years. Kids have changed.
“Wow have they ever. The classroom has changed. Children have changed. The parents have changed. Some of the children that I have taught in my first 20 years have come back to bring their children to me in my 4th grade classroom.”

“Technology plays a big part in this environment. I must admit that I am learning to be technologically savvy. It’s a hard job. I am getting there. There is nothing, like I tell my young cohorts, there is nothing like tradition. I am a traditionalist at heart. But I am learning about technology so I am sort of moving in that direction.”
Mrs. Daniels gives a lot of credit to Mr. Daniels for her lifetime of success in school.
“I must say that my husband is my rock. When I say that, he is the very reason why I am able to stand here today and tell you that I have been doing this for 28 years. He enabled me financially to go back to school to become a certified teacher. He took the bulk of the bills and the bulk of the finances while I went back for about 2 years to become a certified teacher.”
Her son used to watch her grade papers when he was little. He said he would never be a teacher.
“He is a Spanish teacher at TCM here in Richmond County. So there you go.”
Way to go Emily Daniels. Thank you for changing so many lives and making our community a better place.
“We love to say we want to make kids lifelong learners,” she says. “When you see that you have actually done that, you have that student who makes it to 12th grade and they come back to your door or the parents come to your door, with that invitation in hand, saying Mrs. Daniels you told me when I got to 12th grade and I graduated to bring you my invitation, so here’s my invitation.”

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