Golden Apple: Elesha Ellison

Golden Apple

AIKEN, SC (WJBF) You may have called them guidance counselors. But Elesha Ellison is proof that the title and the responsibilities have changed a lot over the years.
“We educate the whole child,” Ellison says. “Not just on career things but on academic, social personal things.”
Mrs. Ellison is a school counselor at Silver Bluff High School.
“I work with students every day on building self-esteem, on planning their futures, whether they’re going to college or they’re going to the military, or straight to work. Providing opportunities for them to be able to do whatever they want to do and be successful once they leave us here at Silver Bluff.”
She’s not just doing a great job for the kids. She’s doing a great job for her community.
“There are lots of students I still keep in touch with. I grew up in Aiken. I went to Silver Bluff. And so I see my students when I’m out grocery shopping or when I’m out for dinner with my family. It’s always nice to hear what they’re doing and celebrate with them.”
A job where you get to celebrate success. Elesha Ellison is a friend, a mentor, and an extraordinary school counselor. Qualities that make Silver Bluff a great place to be.
“I walk in here everyday and I don’t feel like I’m working,” she says. “And that’s what makes me feel glad that I’m doing this. I just really have a passion, whether it’s for my personal children, or the students who I work with here at Silver Bluff. I just have a passon for kids.”

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