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Golden Apple

Welcome to 3rd grade. The baby stage is over and now it’s time to focus on the upper part of elementary school.
“It’s a little bit more intense,” Dr. Tronya Mims  says. “They’re a little nervous about it because they start the Georgia Milestones this year as well. I’m trying to teach them independence. We do a lot of things with technology, which will help them with Georgia Milestones when they’re taking it.”
And when it comes to Dr. Tronya Mims’ lesson plan, electronic learning is just as important as the textbook.
“We use Google Classroom a lot. They love that.   We use hyperdocs. I think that is  the biggest challenge they’ll have to deal with. Technology changes so quickly.”
When we stopped by, these bright youngsters were learning something that comes naturally for most of them.
“We’re learning about posessive pronouns, things that show ownership.  With 3rd graders, it’s all about them. So to talk about posessive pronouns they really get that. They own a lot of things like video games, iPads, tablets. So when we’re talking about posessive pronouns, they get a great understanding of what it is.”
And even though their little ones are growing up, Dr. Mims says it’s important for parents to stay involved.
“I also do presentations for them at school where they can come in and I will do a little bit of training with  them, so I can keep them on track as well.”
She does more than keep them on track. Dr. Tronya Mims keeps her Baker Place students on a solid path to lifelong success.
“When I see the smile on their face or if they have that ‘a-ha’ moment, like oh, I get it, I finally understand it,” she says. “That is the most precious thing that you can have.”

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