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AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – Dr. Roshayla Collins has been working on her approach to teaching her whole life. It started with a strong support system when she was growing up.

“I come from a background of educators, professional workers, so many people,” Collins says. “And our biggest thing above all was taking care of each other. Taking care of family and taking care of friends.

And now she takes care of her students at Hornsby Elementary. “It’s a great school. The environment is wonderful. The climate and culture is amazing. I have a heart for these kids.”

Dr. Collins teaches third graders. She knows it’s a huge responsibility. “Third grade is a testing grade and so with that we have one of the big influences for our students. We know the things that it takes to reach them, to get the standard that’s anticipated by our district, our county our state. And it’s my goal to make sure they have everything they need to be successful.”

That includes bringing a global perspective to the classroom. “I have taught in Germany. I have taught in Hawaii, after graduating from Paine College. And now that I’m back, I really enjoy bringing what I’ve learned throughout the years from around the world back to the kids. And it keeps them interested to know that, hey someone who looks like me and sounds like me knows so many things. And I’m able to give back.”

Part of Dr. Collins’ lesson plan includes telling her students, You dress the way you’d like to be addressed. “And I teach that to my children. I teach them that your language, your standards, your candor are all things that someone’s going to see every day. Your education can never be taken away from you. So get as much of it as you can, and walk in in it.”

And when we asked her what she gets out of teaching. Dr. Collins was quick to turn the focus back on her students.

“It’s not about what I get out of the job,” she says. “It’s about what they receive from me. Every morning I come back hoping and praying that I can make a difference in their life, just like they’ve made a difference in mine.”

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