Golden Apple

Golden Apple: Dolly Perez-Majors

Augusta, GA (WJBF) -
Students who are forunate enough to have Dolly Perez-Majors for a teacher, get to have a real say in the lesson plan.

 "They had an ability to choose from 6 different activities, which one would help them learn the best," Perez-Majors says. "We've designed the activities so the kids know what kinds of learners they are and they're encouraged to choose activities that are going to facilitate learning in their learning style." 
It's all about going beyond the standards and making this a key part of lifelong learning. 
"It's really important to me to know that they're understanding the material. That they're getting it, that they're internalizing it, that there's meaning behind what they're learning."
And in her spare time last year, this talented teacher helped start a student newspaper.
 "I've been thinking about how I could get students to write, and make them feel like they have a platform, a voice. It was the perfect marriage, getting literacy together with building citizenship and building a voice."
It also helps the kids get a handle on what's going on in politics and government. 
"Anything that gives them an opportunity to express themselves, to think about larger topics, that affect not only themselves, but the community and the people around them, I think the goal is to, at this age, develop informed, global citizens."
Congratulations Dolly Perez-Majors. Living out her dream and shaping so many young lives at Pine Hill Middle School. 
"I love teaching. I wouldn't do anything else. I love the children. I love the students," she says. "I love to see them grow and develop. It is just my passion."

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