Golden Apple: D’Lee Pollock Moore

Golden Apple

D’Lee Pollock Moore was headed for the courtroom, but chose the classroom.

“I originally wanted to be an attorney,” Pollock Moore says. “And I did my internship for law school. I realized that I wasn’t following what I thought God wanted me to do with my life. So, I felt really called to teach and work with youth in our community and that’s what I decided to do.”
Now she makes sure her students have strong English skills in every grade level at Warren County High School.
“English is about character education. It’s about reading stories and celebrating lives, and learning from people who have gone before us and then using that to help us change our lives.”
She also works to make sure kids feel good about their time on campus.
“I think school should be like summer camp. It should be somewhere that kids want to be. It should be a place where kids feel safe. They should feel that they’re loved, and that they’re going to challenged. They’re going to be asked to be creative, to learn, and go beyond the textbook.”
What a wise choice, skipping law school to be a leader in high school. The students in Warren County sure are fortunate that D’Lee Pollock Moore is right where she’s supposed to be.
“I absolutely believe that God placed me at Warren County High School,” she says. “I think that our teaching team, my principal, my superintendent, my students especially, they are a part of my family. Coming  to school is coming to work with my family every day.”

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