BELVEDERE, S.C. (WJBF) — Debbie Vaughn is a teacher who is always on the go. She’s been bringing her infectious energy to the classroom for decades.

Being such a busy teacher, we were fortunate to catch her at a pep rally before she headed off on a field trip.

Vaughn is a key part of a great team at Belvedere Elementary School.

“This is my 35th year and I’ve taught Kindergarten through 5th grade. I’ve taught every grade. Including gifted, talented, and resource as well.”

Ms. Vaughn knows she has a big responsibility as an elementary school teacher.

“If you can get children to love learning at a very young age, they’ll be lifelong learners. And that’s so important. I think that it has to be in the lower grades, or you’ve lost them.”

Ms. Vaughn brings such a strong personal touch to the classroom. She cares about her kids.

“I tell my students; they are my children. They are with me as much as they’re with their parents during the course of the day. And I let them know that, even after you leave my classroom if you’re across the hall, and I see you, I’m gonna come and address whatever, and I let them know that I keep up with them throughout middle school and high school.”

She keeps up with them and keeps encouraging them to do their very best, in school and in life.

“Our hopes and dreams are for their academics, but also for their moral beliefs, their emotional beliefs. We are trying to make them strong citizens and we teach them to give back to their community.”