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Golden Apple

David Bartlett’s students are learning about the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation. Important Social Studies lessons for sure, but how do you help modern-day kids relate?
“We try to use a little humor,” Bartlett says. “Humor goes a long way in making something a little bit more interesting. When possible, I draw a parallel between then and now.”
Mr. Bartlett has a real knack, a gift really for connecting the past and the present.
“The Roman Empire. It spread out all over the place. It had a huge bureaucratic government. It had a large population. It had some of the same political problems we have now, immigration, defense, all kinds of other matters. We can relate the Roman Empire to the modern-day world.”
The Academy of Richmond County is big high school. But Mr. Bartlett still finds time to focus on each child, to make sure they have what they need to succeed.
“They deserve it. I don’t have any children of my own. So, by the time I retire, I will have had thousands and thousands of children. Boys and girls. Some of them will be doctors and lawyers and they can take care of me. Just kidding.”
No, it’s true. He’s having an impact on generations. Future leaders who will take care of him.
“I’ve encountered several of my past students who now have children of their own. And they’ve all gone, Mr. B, you gotta stay long enough to teach my children. And I say, well, I’ll that, but I refuse to teach your grandchildren. That’s all there is to it.”
Thank you David Bartlett for choosing this career. For choosing these children, those before them, and those still to come. You are such a positive force in so many lives.
“I really enjoy sharing what I know with other people,” he says. “I wasn’t always a teacher, I came to it fairly late in life. And when I was a substitute teacher I found I really liked sharing what I knew with people. I became a teacher late in life and it’s been very rewarding. It’s had its ups and downs. Overall I love what I do I can’t imagine doing anything else at this time.”

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