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Golden Apple

Darcy Kelly is a former cheerleader at Burke County Middle School. Now she’s a teacher there. And instead of cheering for the team like she did she was in school, she’s rooting for her students to do their very best.
Darcy Kelly is wrapping up another successful 9-weeks by making sure her students have grasped the concepts of this first part of the year.

“Today we focused on the narratives that we’ve read in class,” Kelly says. “To help reassure students of their mastery of the standards, knowing how to cite textual evidence, and being able to re-state in their own words, what they’ve read and understand.”
Mrs. Kelly has known she would be in this place , in this position, since she was a child.
“I just feel a connection to young people. I feel a connection to being part of their success. I don’t view this as work. I love what I do everyday and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.”
Mrs. Kelly does whatever it takes to help her kids. She’s bought school supplies, clothing, and other necessities to get them through life. But she is quick to point out,  she cannot do this alone.
“I think the phrase, it takes a village, is something that we hear but we often take for granted.  If you are a teacher, if you are an educator, if you’re in the building, you have to be part of the village. If that means meeting  a need that’s not curriculum-based but will help the students be successful, then that’s a part of my job as well. I don’t see it as extra. It’s included.”
Darcy Kelly makes quite an investment in her students. And she believes it’s an investment that pays off in this classroom, and throughout their lives.
“I’ve seen them graduate, go off to college, start businesses,” she says. “And because this is such a small-knit community they do come back and say thank you. They do come back and share this good news in their lives and that’s what makes it all worth it.”

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