Golden Apple: Christie Palladino

Golden Apple

Christie Palladino is better known as Dr. P to her students at Williston Elko High School. She changed careers and came to the classroom 5 years ago. 
“I used to be an OB GYN,” Palladion says. “I started on the track for medical school pretty early, straight out of high school,  I knew that I wanted to be involved in public service and I love science, so that seemed like a natural fit.”
Dr. P. eventually moved into research and education. She was on the faculty at MCG but knew that she could only reach her full potential if she made another career move. 
“I felt like the high school environment would be the place where I could really have that public impact and really be a public servant.” 
So instead of seeing patients, she shows patience and does what ever it takes to make sure her Biology lessons come to life. 
“I can sit here and I can go through with them the chemical equation for photosynthesis. And I can read them out the types of elements that are found in sugars. But that doesn’t really drive anything home. Why would  anyone want to remember that information? To me what’s more important is to show them this is how you get energy from the food that you eat. It’s hidden in these molecules.”
Congratulations Christie Palladino. And congratulations to her students for the lifetime of success ahead of you, thanks to the dedication of Dr. P. 
“Teaching is like taking on a whole new set of kids,” she says. “When I get home I see my kids and I give them my focus. But I always have a piece of these kids with me every day. And that’s the difference.” 

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