Golden Apple: Betsy Antley

Golden Apple

Welcome to the Horseshoe Cafe.  
“We can sell 50 drinks in 50 minutes. We stay busy.”
A real hotspot at Barnwell High School. And Betsy Antley keeps everything running smoothly.
“We open in the mornings and we sell coffee, freezes, hot chocolates,” Antley says. “The profit we make is used for field trips, senior bills, or anything that our kids may need.”
These students are getting hands-on experience that will lead to employment. 
“We say it’s their job. We have a sheet we check off their promptness and that they’re staying on task. They have to come in and dress in their uniform.”
Mrs. Antley witnesses so much progress in these students from the time they start Barnwell until the time they’re ready to move on. 
“They like to be helpers and mentors as they progress. They help others learn. They feel more confident and better about themselves.”
Confidence that can help them earn a paycheck.
“When they get to 11th and 12th grade, we contact jobs and it does help them. This is one of their references, their skills, that they’ve done this job.”
Betsy Antley felt the calling to be in this classroom when she was just a child. Now she’s making sure these bright young minds make the most of their time at Barnwell High School. 
“Seeing them succeed,” she says. “I like to watch them grow and see them feel good about themselves.” 

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