Golden Apple: Bailey Mobley

Golden Apple

Bailey Mobley is from Burke County and when the opportunity presented itself here at SGA Elementary, she knew she was destined to give back to her hometown.
“I did my student teaching here at SGA in second grade,” Mobley says. And then the first grade position came open, and I have been here ever since, first grade in this classroom.”
We actually interruped test time when we gave her the Golden Apple award. But Mrs. Mobley didn’t let that distract her from keeping these bright young minds on task.
“We’ve been studying about nouns, types of sentences, what sentences need. So we were finishing up after our little review game, to take our assessment.”
Most of us can still name our first grade teacher. Knowing that you’ll never be forgotten comes with a lot of responsiblility.
“I think you have to have a bond with your students. I love my kids. I hope they feel love when they leave out of here. I’m always hugging on them and trying to give them positive reinforcement as much as I can.”

When she’s not teaching, she’s parenting, or helping her husband run their restaurant, the Fish Eye Grill in Girard. It’s non-stop.
“It can be hard. I try to get to school early. I can’t stay late because both of my girls are in sports. So I have to bring a lot of work home, work on the weekend, I’m just constantly working. I’m not hardly ever sitting at my desk.”
She’s also surrounded by a strong support system here at SGA.
“We’re always encouraged here and anything we need, any help, they’re always here to give it to us.”
So what kind of rewards are there for this unforgettable first grade teacher? Mrs. Mobley will tell you, some of the most special rewards are the ones she gets 11 years after her students leave.
“One of my favorite things is the graduation walk that Burke County does,” she says. “And you get to see the kids you taught in first grade and they remember you, and come and hug you. And you get to say, ‘Yes. You made it. You graduate. I’m so proud of you.”

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