Golden Apple: Audra Reville

Golden Apple

What better place to give a teacher an award than at a place that’s all about awards. We found Audra Reville at Columbia County’s Special Olympics. 
“They love all of the excitement,” Reville says. “They thrive with the excitement. This is a time when they’re with people that are excited for them.”
Mrs. Reville has a very deep, very personal connection that led her to a career in special education. 
“I started as a parent in special ed and just caught the bug. I love it. I love the kids. The kids are really what got me into it.”
She may be the teacher at Blue Ridge Elementary School, but Mrs. Reville says it’s her students who give her valuable life lessons.
“Never give up. They don’t stop. Whenever it gets hard, they just smile and they keep going. I think that’s the biggest lesson that any of us can learn. Life may throw us hard times, but don’t give up. Smile and keep going.”

And that’s what Audra Reville does every day. She smiles and keeps going so that her students, her star athletes, can keep going too. 
“What I take home at the end of the day is just knowing that I’ve made a difference,” she says. “Just hearing your name. That is probably one of the best gifts that you could ever get.”

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