Golden Apple: Ashley Fryer

Golden Apple

EVANS, Ga (WJBF) Ashley Fryer knows the importance of first grade. She’s been handling that responsibility for 7 years.
“It’s where they learn how to read and sound out their words and put numbers together and add and subtract,” Fryer says. “So we really think about it as a foundation grade.”
And she’s been thinking about this job since way before she started school.
“My mom has pictures of me when I was 3 years old and I had all my stuffed animals lined up and I would make my own spelling tests. I wanted to do this forever. I love children so much and this is where I need to be.”
The year is filled with so many milestones. So many accomplishments.
“There are so many light bulb moments in 1st grade. That is something that is so special to me, when I see those students and they light up and they get so excited because they’re like wow, I can do this. I can do this on my own. There’s so much growth in first grade.”
Mrs. Fryer is thankful that she’s able to be in her classroom once again.
“I go home every single night and I tell my husband how happy I am to be back in school. I missed it. Come March, I hated not being here. So being back here with the students, even with their masks on, and the different protocols and things that we’re ensuring to keep them safe, it’s 100-percent worth it because they’re here, they’re happy, I’m happy, they’re learning. It has been wonderful being back.”
Reading, writing, and arithmetic are important for sure. But at the end of the day, Ashley Fryer’s success as a first grade teacher comes down to relationships.
“To me that comes first,” she says. “I think of my students as my best friends. I get home and I talk about them all the time. They’re my friends. And I also make really great friendships with their families. Building those connections, first and foremost really helps the learning succeed. And so that’s what’s most important to me.”

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