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Amanda Steiger knows that she’s the first impression of school for a child just beginning their academic career. And she embraces that.

“I want them to enjoy their very first year in school, to stay in school, and continue on,” Steiger says.

Steiger learned a lot from watching her mother.

“When I was little I went with her and I watched her teach preschool and I spent the days with her. I just knew I wanted to do that.”

Steiger says it’s important to make a strong connection with each student.

“I attended a training called Responsive Classroom several years ago. And they taught you about learning how to build relationships with the students, and reach the child first before you can get to them academically.”
And what a joy it is when she sees that her approach is working.
“You can see it in a student when they feel welcomed and supported and loved. Just how they walk into your classroom and whether they have a smile on their face or not.”
Lots of smiles and lots of love in Amanda Steiger’s classroom. She’s one of the reasons Douglas Elementary School is such a great place.
“I do remember my kindergarten teacher,” she says. “And that was what led me. I remember all my teachers from elementary school and I want these kids to remember their teachers in a good way.”

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