Golden Apple: Allison Cawley

Golden Apple

The school year is off to a busy start in Allison Cawley’s classroom. Her students are digging deep into their science lesson.
“Today we were teaching layers of the earth and how scientists know what the layers of the earth are made of,” Cawley says.
You’ve heard the talk that middle school can be a tough time for students and teachers. Don’t tell that to Ms. Cawley.  She welcomes the challenge.
“I couldn’t do anything else but middle school. It’s fun. They’re fun. Their personalities come out. I try to make them have a good time but I also want to make sure they know I care for them and I want to see them to succeed.”
And that success is made possible by a team approach at Evans Middle School. The 6th grade squad makes sure of that.
“That’s probably everything. We can vent.  We can love on each other. We can encourage each other. That helps us with this.”
And this looks like another outstanding school year. A year to shape future generations who will never forget Allison Cawley.

“When they come back to me several years later, and they still remember stuff that happened in the class or they remember something I did or something I said,” she says. “That kind of stuff makes it rewarding.”

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