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Aimee Smith watched her mother teach when she was growing up. She knew she wanted to be in the classroom one day.
“She modeled that when you create relationships with students, you can change their lives,” Smith says. So it’s not only about teaching the standards. It’s about giving those students somebody to come to and to look up to.”
Mrs. Smith says she has to keep up with her students. Each year can bring a new challenge.
“Students are always evolving. We have to be on their level. You have to know the things that they like and you have to relate that to your curriculum. And it always helps if you’re a little bit silly and funny to relate to them, because it makes you more trustworthy and they are comfortable with you.”
And a report card is not always the sole indicator of a student’s progress. Mrs. Smith reassures her students that if they keep working, they can always attain their goals.
“We always say that practice makes progress. It doesn’t make perfect and as long as students are trying their best, they’re going to make it.”
And at the end of the day, at the end of the year, there’s one simple, powerful thing that keeps Aimee Smith coming back.
“Love. These students will melt your heart,” she says. “This year’s been very different because I don’t see them every day. But I cannot wait for the day when I can wrap my arms around those kids again and tell them, good morning, and have a great day.”

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