Wild Encounters: Seahorse feeding process

Wild Encounters

(WJBF) – Last time on Wild Encounters, we learned a little bit about our slow moving, underwater friends, seahorses. This week, we’re learning more about how they eat.

“Let’s talk about what the difference is between feeding seahorses and maybe some of the other animals here at Riverbanks Zoo. What’s special about them?”

Sarah Weaver, Aquarist:
“Well, our seahorses eat mysis. We feed our seahorses three times a day. They have a very high metabolism, so the need to eat frequently, unlike our fish anemones, where we only feed three times a week, our seahorses eat every day.”

“What would a seahorse eat out in the wild?”

Sarah: “They would eat a very similar type of crustacean…they eat very small crustaceans, just like mysis, little shrimp and that kind of stuff.”

“Could you show us what it’s like to prep food for them?”

Sarah: “For our potbelly seahorses, I get a good handful of each mysis, whole, because they’re pretty big. We enrich the mysis with vitamins, that way they’re more nutritious since they are frozen. This is for lion seahorses in quarantine. They’re a little bit smaller, so I give a little chop through and then last, our potbelly seahorse fry get saltwater mysis because they’re the smaller kind and they’re about three months old. So, we’re trying to transition them onto a frozen diet.”

Next time on Wild Encounters we’re headed back to find out about seahorse breeding habits.

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