Wild Encounters: Sea Horses

Wild Encounters

(WJBF) – This week for Wild Encounters we’re going behind the scenes at Riverbanks Zoo to take a look at sea horses.

We’re talking seahorses today. Now, give us a little info about seahorses just in general.

Sarah Weaver, Aquarist: “So, contrary to the name, they’re not actually horses, they’re fish…and they’re found in the ocean, so you wouldn’t find them in a lake. There’s about over forty species of seahorses, but we only have two here at Riverbanks.”

Tell us a little bit about the two here…the kinds you have at Riverbanks Zoo.

Sarah: “So, we have potbellied seahorses, which are found in the Pacific Ocean around Australia and New Zealand. Then we have lion seahorses which are found in North and South America on the coast.”

Alright, so now I noticed that seahorses, you know, the way they swim and the way they move about throughout the water is a little bit different than other fish. Let’s talk a little bit about that.

Sarah: “Yeah, so, seahorses actually swim vertically and they’re not very strong swimmers. So, they like to anchor onto plants, rocks, any kind of structures there on the ocean and just wait for their food to come by.”

How many seahorses are here in Riverbanks Zoo right now?

Sarah: “Right now, we have five lion seahorses adults, one lion seahorse fry, four potbellied seahorse adults, and four potbellied seahorse fry.”

What would you say to somebody if they come out here to Riverbanks Zoo and they’re interested in seahorses, what would you say to them when they come and check out this exhibit?

Sarah: “I would say to stop at the exhibit, wait, and watch the seahorses closely. They don’t move very much, but they have such an interesting anatomy that if you watch long enough you can really see all the unique features that they have.”

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