(WJBF) – Part of the Riverbanks Zoo is getting a musical makeover on this addition of Wild Encounters.

So, we’re here back at Riverbanks Zoo and we’re back at the gardens and there’s something really cool going on here. Tell us a little bit about it.

Jeremiah Devore, Horticulturist: “So, in the botanical garden we have four annual beds that we can change out twice a year to keep things fresh and changing year after year. This Summer our theme was the ‘Rockin’ Beds’. Our eight horticulturists were split into pairs and each of us selected an iconic album cover artwork to interpret as a garden.”

“What kind of musical things are we going to see out here?”

Jeremiah: “We chose four different albums. We have Beach Boys ‘Endless Summer’, ‘Born in the USA’ by Bruce Springsteen, ‘Sticky Fingers’ by Rolling Stones, and Prince’s ‘1999’.”

“I’m noticing the flowers around it jst kind of blends in. I’m seeing purple flowers around Prince. ‘Born in the USA’ I’m seeing some red, white, and blue. What are the flowers around that we’re seeing here in the garden?”

Jeremiah: “It depends on the group. We were all free to be inspired and take whatever textures or colors from the album artwork that we wanted. For Bruce Springsteen the red and white stripes are Vinca. There’s some Evolulus that are the blue colors and a couple other things.”

“If people are trying to come out here and see this new, cool mix of flowers and music, what do they have to do to go do it? How much is the ticket and how do they get in here to the Botanical Gardens?”

Jeremiah: “A ticket to Riverbanks Zoo is also a ticket to Riverbanks Botanical Garden. If you come in on the zoo side and cross the foot bridge over the river, we’ve got a tram that will take you up the hill. If you prefer to walk, it’s three-tenths of a mile. We’ve also got a real nice nature trail that takes you through the woods or it you’d just like to come to the Botanical Garden, we do have an entrance on the West Columbia side and you can also go down the hill and experience the zoo. Either way, that ticket gets you both.”

While on our visit at the Zoo we found something that we hadn’t seen before! Here’s Ashlyn Williams with another Wild Encounters Digital Exclusive.