Wild Encounters

Wild Encounters: Baby Koala

Micah:  We’re back with another edition of Wild Encounters and we continue this trend of spring babies here at the zoo.  I’m back with John once again and we’re in the koala exhibit where we have, already, a new addition to the koala family.

John:  This is a really special treat to announce a new joey, a new addition to the koala family.  This joey was born actually back in July.  Koalas are pretty unique mammals in that when they’re born, they’re just the size of a jelly bean.  They migrate on their own to the pouch where they continue to develop.  So this joey emerged from the pouch just a few weeks ago, and you can see behind us, it’s really a special treat. 

Micah:  This is about as adorable as it gets at Riverbanks Zoo.  Koalas are already cute on their own.  They’re fluffy.  They’re fuzzy.  They’re soft.  And now you have a baby one that’s sitting here sleeping right behind us.  This mom though, a pretty prolific breeder in terms of producing a lot of offspring at Riverbanks Zoo. 

John:  You know, Lottie is a genetic superstar and she’s certainly made a significant contribution to the captive population.  This will be her eleventh joey here at Riverbanks Zoo and it will be her ninth joey with her current mate Jimmy who is in the adjacent exhibit.  Being a koala at 16 and still producing joeys, that’s very significant.  She’s done a great job with this one.  This one may be her last however because she is getting older but she’s doing a great job. 

Micah:  So just a fantastic program here once again.  Breeding, expanding, conservation, which is so important here at Riverbanks Zoo.  Do we have a name yet on the joey?

John:  Not a name and we don’t even know its gender yet so there will be a few more physicals and we’ll continue to monitor over time and we will release the gender and I’m sure there will be something behind the name selection along with that. 

Micah:  So you need to come down here to Riverbanks Zoo, see the new baby koala.  We have folks right over here to the side of us, all gathering around getting excited, seeing it for yourself.  So come on down here, take a look at the new baby.  Soon we’ll have a gender, a name.  It’s an exciting time here at Riverbanks Zoo with all sorts of new babies around the zoo, so come on down and check it out.

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