Wild Encounters: Baby Gorilla #2

Wild Encounters

Micah: Welcome back into another edition of Wild Encounters.  We had a little break for a while because we had a hurricane, and another hurricane, and then I was a little under the weather but we’re excited to be back here at Riverbanks Zoo because we have a new baby gorilla…not the other new baby gorilla.  This is the new, new baby gorilla, two now here at Riverbanks Zoo so tell us about this new baby.

Emily:  Well, the baby is almost two weeks old.  It seems to be doing very, very well.  Macy has been a wonderful mom.  We kind of knew that going into it that she was going to do great.  The troupe has maintained a unit and so they’re a great family group…so far, so good.

Micah:  So obviously, we have two baby gorillas now and conservation efforts are always important here at Riverbanks Zoo, so what has it been like to be so successful so far. 

Emily:  It’s been a great experience.  This is the first time for Riverbanks Zoo in the 44-year history so we’re excited to see how it goes.

Micah:  And so hopefully continuing to have more baby gorillas here.  So when folks come out here to see it, you have to keep your eyes pretty close because the baby is clinging pretty close to mom. 

Emily:  Yeah, so she’s really, really protective.  Of course, the baby is super small and it’s a little bit chilly now so we have temperature guidelines, so if people or guests don’t see the baby on exhibit, they do have access to the indoor building. 

Micah:  I know that in the past we’ve had some parts of the exhibit closed down before so the family can have time to be together, we’re open back up right?  So folks can come out here and see it both outside and inside?

Emily:  Yep.  We try to ship the troupe out on exhibit around 9:30 am if the temperature is good and they’ll have access to the barn all day. 

Micah:  And so as the baby grows…obviously going to grow and we don’t know if it’s male or female yet, correct?

Emily:  We don’t.  She keeps it tucked in.

Micah:  So over time, eventually it will get old enough for checkups and things like that, determine the gender, and I know eventually it will get a name as well.

Emily:  Yeah, yeah.  With Zakota, we didn’t actually know his gender for two months, so it might be a while.

Micah:  Alright, so it will be a little while but that doesn’t mean you can’t still come down here to the zoo.  Come down here to see the new baby.  See the old, new baby that’s still an adorable, little baby gorilla, Zakota.  And also see the whole troupe here at Riverbanks Zoo.  The gorillas are always one of my favorites to come look at.  They’re fascinating.  They’re almost human like and so come on down here at Riverbanks Zoo, see all the baby gorillas and their family.  We’ll see you next time.

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