Web Extra: Kevin Sorbo discusses Christian film Let There Be Light


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Actor Kevin Sorbo is the keynote speaker for the 34th Annual Augusta Care Pregnancy Center Banquet October 15th.

He spoke with WJBF’s Jennie Montgomery about the event, and being a Christian filmmaker in a culture that is far from conservative.

Here’s part of his conversation about his movie, “Let There Be Light.”

Jennie: “My husband and I watch your movie, LTBL – oh, thank you for that- WOW! What a cool idea. Was that an original idea or is that a thing? Do people really do that?”
Kevin: “It was an original idea that my wife wrote and then we went to a dear friend of ours, Dan Gordon, who is an Academy Award-nominated writer, Dan Gordon was nominated for Original Screenplay. He wrote “The Hurricane” for Denzel Washington. He wrote “Wyatt Earp” for Kevin Costner. He was the show writer on “Highway to Heaven” for Michael Landon- he wrote 60 of those episodes. He is a devout, practicing Jew and he believes the only way to save the world is through Jesus Christ.”
Jennie: “Really?”
Kevin: “How about that! So we called him up and he wanted to look at the script and he came in and did a rewrite on it, along with Sam. He added that opening debate scene. I’m sort of destroying that Christian guy by playing this world famous Athiest – it was personal for him because he went through that himself when his boy, 21 years old, was killed in a car crash. He went though his own drinking booze, screaming at God, and “take me” and all this kind of stuff going on. So that was really personal for him. In fact, that was really a 10-page monologue – we ended up cutting down about 5 pages out of it… which was frustrating for me because I’d had to memorize 10 pages! But, we thought the movie in editing needed to move along at a quicker pace. Well here, I gotta tell you how it got funded. Out of the blue I got a call from Sean Hannity – I’d been on his show a number of times so I wasn’t surprised – he’d gotten my number from his assistant or something. So he said, ‘I liked your movies What If and Soul Surfer and God’s Not Dead… do you have something like that?’ And I said, ‘Well, actually I do.” So we went to New York, we pitched him and he wrote a check right then and there.”
Jennie: “Wow!”
Kevin: “That’s the hard thing, it’s getting these little movies funded because these are independent movies with much lower budgets than Avengers that Hollywood puts out. And so, we shot it for 2.3 million, it looks like a $10,000,000 movie. It did very, very well in theaters for three months and now it’s doing very well in DVD streaming and also Walmart. And Walmart loves it so much they’re gonna do a big push this Christmas and Easter 2020, which is fantastic. I love doing these movies but we need people to support them. Otherwise, Hollywood’s gonna win the game. They do $300,000,000 movies, they have $100,000,000 to promote it. They have a commercial on every football and basketball game. We have to rely on word of mouth.”

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