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(WJBF) – In this web exclusive on The Means Report, Brad Means talks with Lara Trump, a Senior Campaign Advisor and daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump

As two straight weeks of conventions come to a close with the final night of the Republican National Convention, Means asks Trump if the conventions do anything to sway voters. They also discuss recent polls, campaigning virtually, and how the family as a whole responds to the negative criticism on social media.

Brad Means: Hello everybody, and welcome once again to The Means Report. We appreciate you spending part of your day with us and yes, here we are focusing on all things political as the big November election day draws ever closer. A busy couple of weeks for sure as we have seen both parties present their conventions and today we’re gonna talk about conventions and their impact and some of the other big issues of the day with Lara Trump, she is senior campaign advisor for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. Kind enough to join us from the nation’s capitol today. Mrs. Trump, welcome and great job on the speech last night. Hope you’re doing well.

Lara Trump: Thank you so much, I’m doing great, great to be with you. And look, we were so excited to have our chance to present our convention to the American people. I hope everyone’s been enjoying.

Brad Means: What about the presumption that at this point most voters have made up their minds and conventions can’t change that, do you agree?

Lara Trump: I actually don’t agree. I think there are a lot of people, you know who still remain in the middle, who haven’t really seen Joe Biden out there. They saw the Democrats convention last week. It was a very dark, dismal, depressing vision of America. They kind of made people feel ashamed in many cases, I think to be an American. On the other hand, our convention we’re hoping is uplifting and you know, makes everybody remember that we are the greatest nation in the history of the world. We wanna be inspirational. We want people to leave feeling like they are proud to be an American. And I think this convention, unlike any other, we have a very unique opportunity, Brad, to literally look into a camera. We’re not talking to the delegates that are on the floor in usual convention times, we’re looking directly at people at home all across America and we’re talking to them. So I actually think we have a unique opportunity to possibly sway voters with a convention. We all know that there’s a typical bump for the team that is hosting the convention right after. We’re hopeful to have that bump ourselves and to keep that going as we head towards November 3rd,

Brad Means: You know so much of this campaign, so much of our world really has gone virtual. How have you managed that challenge especially considering the president’s longstanding relationship and loving to feed off the energy of big crowds?

Lara Trump: Yeah, well look, this has been a challenge, I think for every single person in this country and our campaign is no different, but what I will say is in March, whenever the country kinda came to a halt everybody stayed at home. We said look, we’re gonna take this campaign virtual. And in about 24 hours, that’s exactly what we did. We took everything that we had been doing and put it on a digital platform. So we started hosting what we call Team Trump Online, and its shows that you can see five nights a week on our social media platforms all across the campaign. We get two to three million views a night. And so we realized very quickly this is a great way to continue to connect with people. So now that we are, you know in official campaign season, we are out on the road. The president is obviously traveling. We have buses going all across this country, bright pink women for Trump bus, a red, team Trump bus. We are gonna continue to utilize this online platform that we have because it is very very effective to connect with people all across this country. And we’re very lucky to have incredible surrogates to put on there. Obviously I’m a family member but I also work at the campaign and get to speak on behalf of the president and the campaign capacity. So we’re gonna continue to do that, but you will see the president out there. He will be traveling around. We’re probably not going to be hosting at least in the short term here 20,000 person rallies, but he is able to do these great airplane hangar stops that you know, what I keep hearing from him is he tells me, “Oh my gosh, if we drive from one place to another, you know, on the road, there are more people than that are actually coming to see me speak at these events.” So it is creating excitement. It is creating buzz and it is getting the word out there that this president is still working hard for the American people.

Brad Means: How much faith do you put in polls at this point if ever you can get different numbers depending on where you look, is it too early to really fret about that?

Lara Trump: Yeah, well, yeah, I’ll remind everybody that in 2016, the day before the presidential election, every poll said that Hillary Clinton would be our next president. So I have always said that the polling, when it comes to President Donald Trump is never accurate. I actually think it is more inaccurate now than it even was in 2016. I truly believe there is a huge silent majority out there that is going to come out in a very big way on November 3rd for this president. But what we do see within the polling, even though I don’t think it is fully representing the enthusiasm that people across this country have for President Trump. We see that that is continuing to take up. He is closing the gap that they say exists between this president and Joe Biden. Now I obviously think that he far surpasses Joe Biden in what is realistically happening out there, but that is a very good sign for our campaign. And so we feel great headed towards November 3rd.

Brad Means: Mrs. Trump, on a personal note, how do you, how does your family handle the mean spiritedness that’s out there? Do you just have thick skin? Do you avoid social media? How just as human beings do you deal with everything that’s out there? It’s nasty.

Lara Trump: Yeah it is, and you know, I’ll never forget before my father-in-law decided to run for president. He sat us down as a family and he said, “look, this won’t be easy. People will come after us. They will attack all of us.” Obviously, I don’t think anybody knew quite how bad it could get it, and it is a little crazy at times. But what I’ll say is that, you know, an experience like this brings you closer together. As a family, you know we really have become an incredibly close family because of this. And you know, at the end of the day, what you realize is that the people who matter know you and they know you’re a good person. And so, you know, you can have all the trolls out there on social media saying all kinds of nasty stuff. My friends and family know who I am. I have always been this person and that ultimately is what matters. I will be proud one day to talk to my kids about the way I fought for their grandfather, our president. And really did what I truly believe is the right thing. And I think history will reflect that. So for all of us, look we sleep well at night because we know we’re on the right side of history. We’re fighting for a man who loves this country. And so you have to tune it out a little bit. In the beginning it can be a little shocking, truth be told but at this point look, we know who we are. The people who know us know we’re good people. And that’s what really ultimately matters.

Brad Means: Well, Lara Trump, I can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us here today. And I wish you health and safety on the home stretch of this campaign.

Lara Trump: Thank you so much. It’s great to be with you too.

Brad Means: Absolutely, Lara Trump, our special guests today.


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