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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – As we enter this home stretch, election day is almost upon us and we have spent the better part of the last year, getting you ready for it, informing you, having all of the key players here on our broadcast, and today is certainly no different as we focus on president Trump’s reelection campaign, we’re gonna take a look at the barnstorming that the President, both candidates really are doing right now, criss crossing this nation with of course hit the pandemic, find out what the Trump campaign has to say about the progress there and what the future holds, and speaking of the future, what about life after November 3rd? What can this nation expect then?

Brad Means: We’re so pleased to welcome President Trump’s National Press Secretary for his reelection campaign, he’s Hogan Gidley, Hogan, thank you so much, I know you’re slammed and I do appreciate your time.

Hogan Gidley: Absolutely, I appreciate it, you know, I used to live just an hour and a half up the road there in Columbia, South Carolina, so I know the region really well, and I’m happy to be on the show.

Hogan Gidley: Well we are glad you’re back, hopefully some ex friends and neighbors are watching right now, and we’re glad you’re back in our neck of the woods. I did wanna ask you, you know, we mentioned barnstorming. You all seem to have campaign stops every day, several times a day, look at the rallies though, Hogan. Why do y’all have rallies, is the goal to get people to go vote for president Trump, right when they’re over? Is it to make people who voted for him feel good that they did? Why do you have them? There are a lot of reasons why we have rallies, look, we’ve got the best candidate. He’s got the best record, he’s got the best message or knows, he’s got the best work ethic, he travels to more towns and cities and States in a week than Joe Biden does in an entire year. But it’s very important for the President to be out, feel the energy of the crowd, get a sense of what a state is thinking and how a state is feeling, and you can do those at the rallies, not to mention they’re incredible data mining opportunities for us as well. We have anywhere from 18 to 35% of people who show up these who are registered Democrats or those who haven’t voted before. So it’s important for us to get that information and remind them to go vote. We’re gonna talk about our apparatus that turns people out to the polls a little bit later, but the president giving that message directly to the American people without the filter of the mainstream media is vital to success in this campaign. You know, the things he’s been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time for all Americans, for all families, regardless of race, religion, color, or creed is an outstanding message. It’s patriotic, it’s unifying, it’s uplifting.

Brad Means: Yeah.

Hogan Gidley: And we can embrace America’s greatness, because the president believes in it. And when you take a look at what Joe Biden’s talking about, that there’s a dark winter coming and president Trump’s saying the best is yet to come. You see a clear difference, not only in the way we view America, but the way we view our future, and the president has the right mentality to get us back on solid foot economically, from a health standpoint, and to make sure this country continues to thrive.

Brad Means: You know, we take a look at the big crowds at the president’s rallies, we take a look at the polls and some of us don’t know what to think, don’t know who to believe, let’s talk about the polls. I know you have internal polling, do your numbers show what we’re seeing on through the national mainstream media? What do your numbers indicate from a polling standpoint right now?

Hogan Gidley: Well, I’m not gonna get into the flawed methodology of most national polls. I mean, when you’re talking about sampling an entire country, 10% of those respondents inevitably come from California, and then you can love California or hate California, but it’s not necessarily indicative of the rest of the country. Also they’re oversampling Democrats by about 10% and a lot of these polls too, internally, we look really good, in fact, some numbers just came back to us today showing that in the battleground States, our early in-person voting, we’re leading in every single one of those States. That’s important because we now know that our turnout apparatus is the most envied, you know, operation on the face of the planet, and the entire political universe. We made 10 million phone calls just last week. We didn’t make 10 million phone calls all of 2016. And what you’re seeing is the Democrats put all of their eggs into the absentee ballot basket. And while they did get a lot of people requesting those ballots, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting those votes, in fact, the numbers bear that out. While you know, the Democrats are trying to figure out what to do, you can tell they’re a little bit nervous because we’ve chipped away at all the absentee ballot leads that Democrats typically have, in a presidential election, but they’re much closer margins now because of our ability to get people to go vote early, and in person, that’s basically to the fact that these Democrats don’t have the numbers they thought they’d have, and don’t have the leads they need in order to win these States.

Brad Means: You see this silent majority, I talked to Lara Trump about this, on this broadcast a few weeks ago, you see this silent majority I’m guessing, turning up in-person Tuesday and changing everything, and making the polls, you know, and revealing the polls for what they are, is that what I’m hearing?

Hogan Gidley: A little bit, they’re not so silent anymore. There are a lot of folks out there who still, you know, are concerned about expressing their support for the president. We get that Florida state just contiguous there to Georgia pointing out that, you know, they were up 19 points in absentee, hour early in person voting, whittle that 19 percentage point lead away down to less than three in just seven days. And that typically is what happens in elections because as I said, Democrats always have an early lead and absentee, but we’re never this close after in-person voting starts, meaning our folks are excited, they are enthusiastic. You mentioned rallies in the first question? That’s exactly what we see out there, and it makes sense because we have a candidate who has actually worked to improve their lives over the last four years, as opposed to the Democrats who have somebody who has been basically an abject failure for the last 47 years. So those contrasts are stark, and as we get closer and closer to election day, we expect our voters not just to continue to whittle away at some of those advantages for Democrats now, which of course is historic unprecedented with what we’re doing on that front, but getting out to vote, that’s why it’s important. Two and a half million volunteers across this country, the gold standard used to be Obama as apparatus. We have two and a half million people, that blows his numbers away. Our voter contacts are over 150 million cycle to date, that is very important because the Democrats now realized the absentees may be requested, but that doesn’t translate to a vote cast and they have no apparatus to get those votes out there, to go tell people how to vote. We’ve got all that all across the country it’s working, and you’re seeing that in the numbers,

Brad Means: How trustworthy is our election system? I know we have to be careful because this is such a brief 22 minutes together, but how trustworthy is the system by which we cast our ballots. In other words, I picture a scenario on election day where say, the people do turn out in person for the President and they put him way ahead, but then they find a bunch of absentee ballots on the other side and then Joe Biden surges ahead, you think something like that’s gonna play out?

Hogan Gidley: Well, a couple things we’re prepared here at the campaign for any stuff the Democrats try to pull on or after election day, and they’re already working to do some things that would undermine the integrity of this election. That’s a shame I remember in 2016, it was Russia who was trying to meddle, now thankfully we realized that in the Trump administration and we shut Russia down and we’ve worked with state and local governments to ensure that doesn’t happen again. Now who’s trying to meddle with elections. The call’s coming from inside the house, it’s the Democrats, they’ve literally tried to fight for the ability to count votes in 18 States after election day. I mean, the system they’re trying to put in place with this universal unsolicited mail-in ballot situation with just a few weeks to go, just opens up the system for all types of fraud and abuse and potential for cheating. And we just can’t have that, we’re fighting them at every turn and we won in some of these States to prevent this type of behavior. In some of the States, it’s a little bit tougher, but we’re gonna be there on the ground and making sure that this election still has integrity and that every single person in this country can rest assured that the election is free and the election is fair. And that’s something I think the Democrats can’t point to because they’re hoping that after election day, when they realize they’re down in a lot of these States, the laws they’ve passed in Democrat controlled States, will allow them to go out and find votes they need to win, and by law now because they’ve done so much legal maneuvering, it’s going to be okay for them to count those votes.

Brad Means: Right.

Hogan Gidley: We’ve got to make sure we stand up and protect the system and the integrity of it right now, Democrats aren’t, but we are.

Brad Means: When do you think we’ll know the final results? So weeks, months?

Hogan Gidley: I’m really not sure, I think the overwhelming majority of people who vote on election day will be supporting this president will cast a vote for this president. And, you know, if 2016 is in the guard, the pollsters who had it all wrong back in 2016 are the same pollsters who have it all wrong now. The same media companies who spent the last four years attacking this president with 95% negative news coverage are the same media companies that are commissioning these polls, so it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, they want to get to those numbers because then it gives them validity, but the problem is, I just don’t think the American people are buying what Joe Biden is selling.

Brad Means: Let me hit the Corona virus real quickly before we go to break, and my question about it is, I know you stand by the president’s response to the pandemic, but if you had a redo, is there anything, even a small thing that you all might do differently?

Hogan Gidley: Well, look, I think the president took bold aggressive action early on. Let’s be clear, Democrats at the time were focused on impeachment. Donald Trump mentioned coronavirus in his state of the union speech and stopping it, remember what Nancy Pelosi did to that thing, she tore it to shreds. When the president talked about shutting down travel from China and from Europe, Nancy Pelosi went out to Chinatown without a mask, mind you and told everybody that it was gonna be fine, that the president was xenophobic and racist, Joe Biden said the same thing, all the Democrat that’s, weren’t focused on this. In fact, it was Donald Trump who said we should all wear masks in the briefing room on March 31st, then we actually released the guidelines on April 3rd about wearing masks and socially distancing. It was a month and then five days later before members of the media actually put on masks in the briefing room in unison. So to hear the media explain it, it’s like they were ringing in the new year, sipping champagne through a straw connected to their in 95 mask and they weren’t. Everyone was focused on other things except for this president, and the action he took to make sure we had the masks, the gloves, the gowns, the swabs, Joe Biden couldn’t have done that because it was a public private partnership. We mobilized the federal government in a way that has never been done before, and Joe Biden. For example, the reason we had all the PPE being manufactured overseas in China, was because of Joe Biden’s decisions on trade to allow China their, favored nation status. That’s a problem that the president fixed. We’re now standing up for Americans, and as we closer and closer to therapeutics coming online and vaccines that are so close, it’s gonna fix the situation. I will say this though, Joe Biden has criticized the president, he’s criticized the actions, but everything Joe Biden says he would do, we’ve already done except for one, Joe Biden said he would have never shut down flights from China and from Europe. And we know thanks to Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Hahn, Dr. Redfield, that that one move by the president saved countless lives in this country, one death is tragic, 200 plus thousand, it is catastrophic. China did this to the world, it’s unprecedented, it’s unforeseen, what this has done to our American population via health and economically is devastating, but thanks to the president’s leadership, we’re not anywhere close to the two and a half million people that we expected to lose in this country, and we expect to have this, this completely eradicated in 2021 and life back to normal for all Americans.

Brad Means: Well, sure hope so, Hogan Gidley is the National Press Secretary for President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, he’s our special guest on The Means Report, much more to tackle when we come back.

Part 2

Brad Means: Welcome back to The Means Report, we are talking with Hogan Gidley, the National Press Secretary for President Donald J. Trump 2020 reelection campaign, Hogan, I want to talk to you about the debates and by the way, we have 10, we have 10 quick minutes left and we’re gonna try to get as many topics handled as we can, but let’s start with those debates, do you think they helped the president? Do you think they made more people vote for him?

Hogan Gidley: Absolutely, I think the first debate was clear that the president is the dominant force in American politics today. And here’s the issue a lot of people may not like the style, some people may not like all the tweets, if we’re being fair, some may not even like all the things the president says, but that style got trade deals, that benefited American workers for the first time in decades, Joe Biden couldn’t do that, that style got us peace deals, it was in the middle East that made the world a safer place. That’s style rebuilt the military destroyed ISIS, got soldiers back from endless Wars, that style got hostages back at a record pace, that style made the best economy this country has ever seen giving record high employment to African-American, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and women, Joe Biden had been talking about it for 47 years and had done nothing. Take me to the second debate, and that was on full display. Every time Joe Biden, we try to pretend as though he was going to do something, or I promise if you elect me, this is going to happen, President Trump looked at him and said, you had eight years, Joe, you were in the white house, you had 47 in elected office, you did none of these things and what Joe Biden is asking the American people to believe is that all of a sudden, after half of the century, now I’m gonna start working on your behalf. No one believes that two other big points in that second debate, I think really encapsulate a Joe Biden’s position. One is, he said it was going to lock down the country again. Now we know how irrevocably damaged so many in America have been by this coronavirus. And we know that death count it is egregious, we also know the economic woes that’ve plagued this country because of coronavirus and 75% of Americans cannot work from home. Washington university study showed that, and Joe Biden’s solution is shut it down again, and on top of that, he’s gonna tax you $4 trillion and give amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens, that’s ridiculous, but the second part was he admitted he was going to bragged about it, quite frankly, that he was going to eliminate the oil and gas industry. That’s 19 million jobs in this country and $7 trillion. You can’t power America on gum drops and unicorn hair and rainbows, it doesn’t work. This country made us energy independent, we’re now an exporter of energy and it also has serious national security implications. Thankfully, this president’s energy policies got our prices down at the pump, it’s less money to heat and cool our homes, but it also means we don’t have to rely on the whims of China and Russia in the middle East, on our prices for gas, Joe Biden wants to eliminate all that, that’s why those two debates were really important.

Brad Means: No, I know and forgive me for interrupting you. These Skype interviews know it’s difficult with Skype, I wish you were here, so we could just do back and forth a little bit faster, let me ask you if you think there’s a state that we need to keep our eye on election night, that once we see it, if it goes for or not for president Trump, then we can really get a feel for the outcome. Is it Georgia? What are you seeing?

Hogan Gidley: No, look, I think the president fundamentally changed the map in 2016, picking off States at Democrats and traditionally one, obviously with wins in Pennsylvania, come to mind, Michigan as well, his wins in Wisconsin were very significant, Ohio looked good, and Florida too, I mean, look, North Carolina, another big state. The president is going to all these States because he knows his policies have improved the lives of all Americans. And so I’d take a look, honestly, at the entire map, we wanna protect that map and keep those States red, but also pick off a few blue States out there like Minnesota and Nevada that have traditionally gone Democrat numbers look good for us there as well.

Brad Means: What about violence in our streets. Where do we stand on stopping it? And is it a matter of these local cities having to pick up the phone and ask for help first from the federal government?

Hogan Gidley: They do have to ask for help for the federal government, that’s the way the constitution establishes it. But every time they’ve asked the president to come in, we’ve seen a reduction in crime and what I can’t abide by is watching these Joe Biden supporters go through our city streets and burn down churches, smash in storefronts, steal merchandise, attacking innocent Americans, leaving them bloodied in the middle of our streets, and the Democrats did nothing about it. In fact, it’s these Democrat controlled States and these Democrat controlled cities and Joe Biden, who said, he’s the head of all Democrats. He is the Democrat party, not lifting a finger, I mean, we’re talking about a Democrat convention, for example, you know, controlled by Democrats in a Democrat controlled city and they didn’t even mention any of this violence. It’s got to stop, billions of dollars of damage. Here’s the thing about peaceful protests. They end peacefully, these aren’t. This is absolute lawlessness and Democrats have allowed these cities to devolve into some type of post apocalyptic hellscape, only this president can stop it, because only this president has the backing of law enforcement unions that used to support Joe Biden and other Democrats because they know president Trump fully funds them, he fully supports them, he has their backs and he always will.

Brad Means: Do you think China wants president Trump to have a second term? If he gets one, will the U.S and China be able to get along?

Hogan Gidley: Look, the United States and China have gotten along, a historic trade deal was one of the results of the president’s ability to cut deals that actually helped our farmers for the first time in a long time, that was great news, but he’s not gonna let China run all over us. For so many years, decades in fact, China has been kicking our workers in the teeth, not because they’re better, but because they manipulate prices, they cheat, they steal our technology, they do intellectual property theft and Joe Biden and other Washington insiders who’ve been there for 50 years let it happen. They turned a blind eye to it and still Joe Biden who said, China’s not our competition, China’s not gonna eat our lunch, we’re a strong nation. They had been destroying us on the global scale and it’s because of what Joe Biden put in place by allowing them into the WTO and also giving them favored nation status, gave them tax breaks that not a lot of other countries got. And they use that to punish the United States. This president actually stood up for the American worker for the first time in decades, and it’s the reason we had hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs poured back into this country. And it’s the reason the three and a half million jobs that left American work and went straight to China, thanks to Joe Biden are coming back into this country. More jobs than there were people to fill them, the GDP just came out to 33.1% growth breaks all records, that’s Donald Trump’s economy, he rebuilt at once, he’s rebuilding it again too.

Brad Means: Two very quick questions for you Hogan the first one has to do with the recent confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S Supreme court does that get more Trump supporters or Biden supporters who hated the move out to the polls?

Hogan Gidley: Well, Biden supporters always disgruntled about something. They always are upset about somethings. So you can’t make them happy, but the constitution won, the democracy won, United States of America won, and so did the people by extension. The fact is the president United States is supposed to nominate a Supreme court justice when there is a vacancy and by the constitution, the Senate advises and consents, they did so in this case, they voted to put Amy Coney Barrett in position, notice no one really questioned her bonefides or her abilities they went after her, the Democrats did the attacking her faith, attack in her family, that’s just disgusting. 70% of voters in 2016 said the Supreme court was a determining factor in their vote. They want people, the American people do anyway, they want courts to do what they are supposed to do as outlined by the constitution, which is interpret laws. Democrats think the judicial system is just an extension of the Democrat party and they want activism from the court, but that’s not what it’s designed to do. When Democrats can’t act or refuse to act in Congress, they expect the courts to do their bidding. It’s not what it’s up to do at Amy Coney Barrett is gonna be someone who doesn’t necessarily rule with Republicans all the time, but she rules with the law all of the time. That’s, what’s important to have people at those high levels on the court that just interpret laws instead of making them.

Brad Means: 60 seconds left, and it’s just to get you to tell me what the president can do to help the country unite? To at least tone down the anger and the division that’s out there, and just a brief moment left for that.

Hogan Gidley: Yeah, we’ve seen Democrats say some horrific things about this president, we’ve seen them say, if you see people from the administration, go out and cause a scene, harass them, don’t let them eat, we’ve seen Eric Holder say when they go low, we kick them. This president has done more to improve the lives of all Americans in 47 months than Joe Biden has done in 47 years with record high employment for the groups I mentioned, African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic American and women. This president’s message and ability to create peace and prosperity in this country is unparalleled in the modern era, we’ve had four years of it, expect to have four more, if you cast a vote for Donald Trump

Brad Means: Hogan, Gidley very busy, needless to say this time of year, this time of the campaign season, thank you so much, be safe on the trail and thanks for being with us.

Hogan Gidley: Absolutely, thanks so much for the time. God bless and go vote.

Brad Means: Thank you, you so much God bless you all too.

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