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(WJBF) – Hey Everyone! It’s Ana Christina, and it is a quiet house. The kids are sleeping…so is the husband. Now is my opportunity to get some momma-time, and I thought I’d show you that you can work out from home.

Gyms are closed. No problem. No equipment? Not an issue! You can definitely use things around your house to get a workout in. It’s all about thinking outside the box.

Today’s house item of choice: detergent.

This workout is gonna focus on two things: biceps and shoulders. We’re gonna do 4 movements, 10 reps each, times 4. The first movement: bicep curls. So straight up and down the side of your body holding in your core.

Next movement is lateral raises. Straight up and down the side of your body. 10 reps.

Then we move to front raises. Straight out in front, up and down, just like this holding in your core.

And last movement is shoulder press. So, taking them just like this and up. Press. Holding in your core. 10 of those.

So those are the 4 movements. Again, 10 reps each, times 4.

A nice, easy work out you can do from home. Get up. Starting moving. Feel better. Live better.

Thanks so much for watching. This is Healthy at Home with Ana Christina for WJBF News Channel 6.

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