(WJBF) – I’m Ms. Darlin from Dolce Darlin Bakery with your kitchen questions.

How can I tell if my dish is done?

Listen, the cool thing about cooking is that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. Most of what you need to figure out whether it’s done or not…you already possess.

So you’re going to use your eyes. Is it that beautiful golden color or is it bubbling on the edges? You can use your nose food that gets further along in the cooking process. It becomes more aromatic. You’re going to smell it. You’re going to know what’s happening. You’re going to use your mouth to taste your dish as you go.

Make sure that it’s evolving the way you want it to evolve. You’re going to use a meat thermometer, and this way you don’t have to use the fire department.

And then you’re going to use ‘time’. Don’t underestimate the fact that when you remove some dishes, particularly meat and things like lasagnas, you want their sauces to move through and settle and they’ll keep on cooking for a few more minutes.

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