(WJBF) – Ms. Darlin from Dolce Darlin Bakery here with your kitchen questions.

From Amanda in Nashville:

Do room temps really matter in recipes?

They do. If you encounter a recipe that says butter, comma, melted butter, comma at room temperature, eggs, comma, separated eggs, comma, at room temperature…whatever those additional directions are, you’ve got to follow them.

They’re going to bring your recipe up to that max volume of awesomeness for butter, for example.

A lot of times you’re going to cream butter and sugar together, and that just means whip them really fast in a mixer and create a whole bunch of air. Butter is not going to mix well in your mixer right out of the refrigerator.

You’re going to want to go with something at room temperature. That’s going to mix really well.

So once you’ve done that, oftentimes you’re going to add an egg to it. Eggs actually separate really nicely when they’re cold. So when you’re doing egg whites versus egg yolks, let’s do those and separate them while they’re cold.

And then when you need your eggs at room temperature as a whole for a recipe or simply whites or yolks for a recipe, just let them sit out for a few minutes and come to a room temperature.

I hope that helps, Amanda!

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