March for Jesus Saturday, August 18th


Jennie: If you are not bouncing at home, your sound must not be working right. That is such a catchy tune, my goodness. You may have recognized Steve Swanson’s voice in the video. He’s a manager at WAFJ radio in north Augusta and Steve has been a big supporter of March for Jesus since it started back in 2015.

“Yeah, it’s hard to believe we’re already four years into this. But it’s just as exciting! The March is a little ambiguous or at least not as clear as we’d like to be. It’s hard to call it a walk for Jesus, a gathering for Jesus. And it ends up being a march. We’re not marching against everything, we’re gathering together for a time of community and fellowship. One of the things we talked a lot about this year, is the fact that we’re not trying to get a bunch of people together to be the same. We’re coming together to be one, we’re coming together to be a community of faith, here at the CSRA to celebrate together for at least one morning.”

Jennie: What you are saying by example is, despite our differences as Christians, we are united. And why can’t this be an example for the rest of the country.

“Well that’s the goal, and we do have other communities asking about how do we do this, how do we make this happen? And I have been told that we have other communities coming to join us to kinda look and see for themselves, what goes on at this thing? You know, what’s it all about? And folks that are just hearing about it need to know it’s a gathering downtown there’s no cost to it. We walk together from Curtis Baptist Church down Broad Street and then we gather at the commons, and we celebrate, we pray, and we have great music. All kinds of music, big diversity, big variety there. And we really have a good time. There’s a kid zone, for the kids. And just a great time of celebration, of meeting believers and interact with folks that you normally wouldn’t get to because you’re in this church Sunday, you’re in this church Sunday, you’re in this church Sunday. This is an open air, the doors are open, the walls are gone and we celebrate together.

“The hours are going to be on Saturday from eight until noon. We’ll wrap it up by noon. You know, we’ve heard people say we have other things we’re trying to accomplish on Saturdays and we’ve responded to that. We’ve had a longer period a couple years back and as it turned out the folks let us know hey we want to be involved but, please just make it a little more concise. Fewer hours… so it’s just a morning together, but it’s all ages, all ages and just a great variety I can’t emphasize that enough. Of people that come and celebrate together. It’s a great thing, we love to have people just join in. You know if they’re just hearing about it for the first time, this Saturday.

Jennie: Where can people get the March for Jesus T-shirts?

“They can get those at TV49 in north Augusta. And there is an order form actually on the website

“Every Praise” video:

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