AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember Marriage Retreat is coming up September 9th through 11th at the Augusta Marriott and Convention Center.

Sessions run Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning until about noon.

Augusta team member Judy Carney explains that the weekend is for ANY couple.

“It’s not just for couples that are in trouble. It’s for couples who want to rekindle, refresh their marriage. There’s wonderful speakers that will be there to not embarrass anyone, but to share tools and resources that you can use and take home with you and pass on to the next generation. What a wonderful event it is, and we wanna make sure it stays in Augusta, Georgia so that we can build strong marriages in our community. We’re individuals, and individuals have individual baggage when they come together in marriage.”

Corey Flagge shares the story of the first time he and his wife, Jennifer, were invited to a Weekend to Remember event.

“And my first thought was like, ‘No, no, tell ’em we can’t afford it.’ My wife’s like, ‘Well, we’re not gonna lie.’ So, well, we go. And I remember the speaker there had a really goofy attitude. And for about 10 minutes I really wasn’t paying attention. And then he says, ‘Well, I’m gonna be serious for a moment.’ And he’s like, ‘Take your wife’s hand.’ And the next words that he said, change my life. He says, ‘Now, look her in her eye and tell her my wife is not my enemy.’ And those words were just so profound.”

The cost currently is half off, so it’s $175 per couple. It’s $120 all the time for military, and it’s free for senior pastors.