JENNIE: Tripp Bowden’s book, Freddie & Me, coming to the big screen


Augusta author, Tripp Bowden. Bowden’s a former Augusta National caddie– the first full time white caddie in the history of the elite private club.

He’s also a former collegiate golfer.

In his book, Freddie & Me, he tells the story of the legendary Augusta National caddie master, Freddie Bennett, with a lot of humor and even more heart.

“Pops was his doctor, but Pops said he’s doctoring Freddie was checking his blood pressure and say he’s gonna live and have some Scotch and tells some stories. And Freddie’s talking about this incredible golf club, and this wonderful club and on and on and on and I am just enthralled with the way he is holding the King’s English. Then he turns to me and says, ‘I understand you don’t like golf,’ and I said, ‘I can’t stand golf.’ He said, ‘But you like to fish.’

“I love to fish and he took me out there and we tooled down Magnolia lane, which to me it was just a road. And we hopped on his golf cart, going around, and took off down the road and we went to the Par 3 course started fishing with these cane poles that he cut himself on par 3 with the bamboo We’d just reeled them in hand over fist, and he says, ‘I know you don’t like golf but have you ever giving it a chance?’ I said, no I never had that question posted quite like that before and so he teaches me the golf grip on cane pole with one finger and I pulled a brim with one finger and I was good. Golf for life!”

Lara Nichols is with Aquarius Vision Films. She’s the assistant executive producer for the movie.

“We have an absolutely amazing cast as far as Freddie, Michael T Williams, he was Bubba on Forest Gump His Dad is right now set up to be Mathew Mcconaughey, and his Mom Sandra Bullock.

“I can’t wait ’til we can bring this to the big screen and let people know just who he really was and how important he was. The neat twist in this story is you always see the movies where the White gentleman might give the African American a chance and this is the twist on that where the true story was the African American gentleman who took him under his wing and absolutely helped mold his life you know, now he is an author and all the things that Tripp has done it is just Freddie had such a big part on that and we are so happy to be a part of this story.”

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