AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– A big event is coming up at the end of the month in Aiken, Together for Hope, and it’s all about the community becoming unified through faith in Jesus Christ.

Bryce Holdman is an evangelist from Lexington, SC where he’s a pastor at Mount Horeb Church. He is one of the organizers of Together for Hope.

“Hopelands Gardens has a concert series that happens once a week, and they’ve done this for a while. And so our team — a committee of different churches in Aiken — got together and said, this is a no-brainer. We have to move forward with this and bring the message of Christ to Hopelands Gardens itself, and hopefully crowds will come out to truly be a part of this remarkable event.

“And you know, Jennie, that’s one of the craziest parts about this event that I only attribute to God’s plan and purposes. Because back in Lexington and many other communities just like Aiken, just like Augusta, it’s hard for pastors to find the time in their schedule to work with other churches and with other pastors who also have busy schedules, nonetheless, to make something like this happen. But the reality is that the biggest thing we were praying for from day one was, God, would you be willing to break down walls, to break down barriers of any kind, to move schedules out of the way so that people can encounter Jesus Christ from all these different denominations, from all these different church backgrounds and faith backgrounds. That’s our goal.”

Together for Hope takes place Wednesday, May 31st and Thursday, June 1st at 6:00pm. Worship teams from the various churches involved will be on stage and Rev. Holdman will be speaking. Record-setting crowds are expected so you may want to go early for better parking.

“So it won’t just be a couple people that they’ll see between the two nights, but people will encounter tons of different churches, different styles of worship, which is a big push of ours, as well, for the whole community to truly be a part of and even see the togetherness and the unity on stage at Hopelands Gardens, not just on the lawn. And that’s one of our goals.

“There will be people there that have never encountered Jesus before and frankly have no desire to set foot inside of a church for many different reasons. And that’s part of our strategy, as well, that we don’t want this to feel just like a church service, but this is a worship event that’s outdoor, different type of environment. There’ll also be people there that are plugged in the week in and week out to their church community. And we hope that they are reignited once again for the passion of sharing Christ with others. We are completely ready for what God’s gonna do. And I know for sure, because I’ve been walking with Jesus for enough time to know that He always exceeds our expectations.”